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Explore Mendacium, a dark, mysterious world infected with depression, and uncover the truth and the fate of a sightless young boy, Caecus.

  • In order to solve the mystery of the game, it is necessary to read all of the dialogues carefully.
  • When the player is killed and sent back to the main menu, it does not count as an actual ending, since there are only two legit ones and you will get an end credit scene if you manage to get one of them.
  • If you are really stuck, just remember the theme of the jam.

This game is a submission for CGJ 2019 for the theme "Game is a Liar". Everything, including Art, Code, Music, Sounds and Animations were created during 7 days period of the game jam.

The Controls:

Move Left and Right: "A" and "D"
Jump: "W", hold "W" to jump higher
Map: "M"

Original Soundtrack:

Team Caecus (@teamcaecus)

Djokix: Art, Story, Design, Voice Acting @mihicdjordje
Ocin: Programming @nicolaedamaschin
Lukianze: Music, SFX, Voice Acting @lukianze


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Mendacium.zip 46 MB
Mendacium - Game Explanation.pdf 115 kB


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The quality of the game is just amazing. The atmosphere, the graphics, the sound, all was perfect.

We enjoyedit very much. We want more levels.


Hey, i just downloaded the game and for me is unplayable, let me explain, there are tons of bugs, i usually like to check for easter eggs and do keys combinations and i figured out how to jump out of the map xD. I was shooting nearly a door to go to the next screen and i suddenly disappear. You can get out the map but just jumping in a wall, the jump will always reset when youre touching a wall so i can jump all the time. I hope this comment helped you fixing some bugs and pls let me know when i can download a new version of the game so i can test it and tell you if i find more bugs. (Sorry about my english i know it is not perfect, hope you could understand me).


sry i think i fucked something up with a quick update after the game jam

im going to update it in a sec

Let me know when you fix it so i can enjoy it :D

ok, i uploaded the new version. Im really sorry for the bugs, i uploaded the update right after the game jam to "fix" some stuff but it seems i broke the game :). The disappearing seems to occur when you enter and exit the room really quickly, so just wait like 1 sec before exiting the room - until i find the solution for it. But yeah thanks for the bug report nobody actually figured that out :)

Dont worry, i will continue letting you know if i find any bug. Lets try again the game. :)

For now i just found the bug of the doors, so you can respawn in random positions and it gets really confusing so ill try no to bug the doors xD

Ok... theres another update :) and i think i fixed the door problem. I hope that now you can enjoy the game normally :). Thanks for the feedback, you are a really good tester.

Can you please make a Mac build

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

Great Game Wow!!




Wow. Simply Wow. I can already see this game is a top contender for the top position in CGJ. Best of luck. This game deserves it. This such an amazing game felt like Ori and the Blind Forest game. Visuals are just awesome.


I can easily mistake this game for a 20 euro steam game.

It is simple way beautiful.

Pleas make more levels.

If you wanted you couth public this game on steam,

and ask 20 euro for it and people would buy it i am sure of it.

I hope to see your name in another game jam or on steam/play store.

check out my game: https://janjcool.itch.io/master-blaster

Thank you so much! We are really glad you like it!